• 3 ingredients – premium vodka, soda water, and natural flavour. No sugar. No carbs. No preservatives.
  • All of our NÜTRL Vodka Sodas have no sugar, no sweeteners, no carbohydrates, no preservatives, no sodium and no additives of any kind. The calorie level depends on the amount of alcohol present (see below).
  • Our different coloured cans represent different product variants of NÜTRL Vodka Soda. All have no sugar, no carbs and no preservatives.

Can  colour           


Caloric value (per 355mL can)       

Alcohol volume (%)


NÜTRL Vodka Soda




NÜTRL7 Vodka Soda




NÜTRL4 Vodka and Soda        




NÜTRL3 Vodka Soda



  • NÜTRL Vodka Soda’s natural flavours are from natural fruit sources. The fruit essences are extracted and intensified while leaving the sugars behind.
  • 7% alcohol, meaning 40% more vodka in a single can. Our regular NÜTRL Vodka Soda contains 5% alcohol. 
  • Most experts consider all vodkas to be gluten-free, even if they are distilled from wheat, barley, or rye. However, it’s possible that some people with celiac diseases and non-celiac gluten sensitivity may react to vodkas made with these grains. We recommend checking with your doctor if you have any concerns. 
  • NÜTRL Vodka is made from a proprietary blend of Canadian grains.
  • Our distillery, Goodridge&Williams Distilling, makes Tempo Craft Gin. They make a great Gin Soda and a couple of Gin Smashes. Feel free to check out the rest of our sister brands at www.gwdistilling.com.
  • We are constantly working with regional liquor distribution boards to bring you a variety of NÜTRL products. We hope you can find them near you soon!
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